Notes on Techmeme’s New Sponsorship Model

Notes on Techmeme’s new sponsorship model – Gabe is out talking about the new sponsorships that he is offering on TechMeme. I had a chance to get a sneak peak at these earlier this month and the Future of Web Apps when I ran into Gabe there.

Basically Gabe is allowing sponsors the ability to own a little space on TechMeme where their sponsor blog pulls in feeds from it’s RSS.

From Gabe: “I think the model introduced here is great for Techmeme. First, readers are presented with posts from companies who understand Techmeme’s place online and want to engage its readers. It’s great for the sponsors basically for the same reason: sponsored posts are a natural extension to the mix of news that keeps Techmeme’s readers paying attention. And it definitely serves the future viability of Techmeme, which can’t live indefinitely on my personal savings!”

I think this is great and I told Gabe this as well earlier this month. I think this represents an unobtrusive natural way for TechMeme to work in synergy with advertising and think it is a terribly creative approach.

TechMeme continues to be the place I go the most to get my tech news. Congrats Gabe and thanks for making the site better and better.