Launching More Features for Zooomr Today at Lunch 2.0

A Taste of the New TagMap: 2 of 2A new and improved TagMap. Hosted on Zooomr

Well for those of you who can make it out to Lunch 2.0 today at Hitachi Data Systems in Santa Clara, not only will you get a free lunch and get to see a bunch of great companies, but Kristopher Tate and I are going to launch a number of new features for Zooomr there as well.

TagMap has had an extensive face lift and it will now be easier than ever to geotag your photos on Zooomr using Google Maps. Google Maps just had their own upgrade as well a few days back and still remains leaps and bounds ahead of Yahoo! Maps in my opinion — especially in places like Europe and Japan.

I can’t get into all of the changes (but we will over lunch if you want to come on down) but one of the most requested has been support for a bulk uploader for your photos. I’ve been one of the people testing out our bulk uploading solution over the past few months and it rocks. It easily has allowed me to get over 3,000 photos up on Zooomr.

In addition to Zooomr, Robert Scoble will be there from PodTech and a whole host of other intersting bloggers and technologists. Below is the complete line up of companies presenting.

2 Replies to “Launching More Features for Zooomr Today at Lunch 2.0”

  1. Here’s a crazy feature y’all could consider adding…

    How about making it so it doesn’t log be out between sessions? I mean, I really hate having to log in to Zooomr every single time I start a new browsing session.

    Clearly this isn’t a showstopper, but it’s still aggravating. Or am I doing something wrong?

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