30 Boxes, Taking Calendaring to the Next Level

30 Boxes | it’s your life: Narendra Rocherolle is out with a post on what the past and future hold for 30 Boxes, the innovative new calendar software I’ve been using personally for the past six months or so. In his post he talks about some important issues that individuals face not just in the organization of their calendars but in the organization of their lives.

Central to Narendra’s idea of improving organization is something called a Timeline View. The idea with a Timeline View is that not just your schedule and your appointments, but all sorts of other information that you want ought to be organized. This timeline would include your calendar as well as a new application that they are developing called Supermail.

Supermail is an aggregator of email of sorts but goes much further. What I found most interesting about the concept of Supermail is that it would in addition to email try to track and organize information from your social networks and blogs.

One of the things about flickr that I hate is that it’s so damn difficult staying on top of so many conversations that I’m having there. I’ve got multiple groups with multiple conversations, multiple comments on photos, etc. Right now at Flickr I have to go back to each conversation individually (and remember where it was) in order to monitor and maintain these conversations. RSS might help a little but for whatever reason my RSS newsreader only pulls the last 10 comments on a Flickr thread. Some threads move super fast and this is not enough.

It sounds as though Narendra is looking to tackle how best to get this data to an individual in a single app. It’s hard for me to visualize still but this sounds super promising. In fact, we are also working at Zooomr on ways to improve conversation tracking and sharing as well.

Interesting, thought provoking stuff.

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