Photo Portal Notes at Zooomr

Kristopher has a short video up of a new feature that we hope to roll out tomorrow on Zooomr called portals. It is like a system of notes for photos but with super advanced features.

So with Zooomr now your are going to be able to make three kinds of notes for your photos.

1. You can make a regular text note.

2. You can leave what we are calling people notes (which allow you to identify specific people in photographs and will add them to their user profile and the collections of photos of them in the most famous area on Zooomr). We also have a most famous amongst your contacts section but you have to have a Zooomr account and be logged in to see that.

3. Or you can create notes that I’m most excited about which are called portal notes that actually zooom you to another photo from an existing photo.

You’ve got to check out the video demo on the Zooomr Blog to get a sense of how portal notes work. They are very cool.

We also have a bunch of bug fixes that we’ll be rolling out in conjunction with Znotes as well. Thanks all for your patience with us with Zooomr and stay tuned for lots more new fun stuff to be rolled out very shortly.

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