No HDTV for 32 Bit PCs with Vista

Boing Boing: No high-def in 32-bit Vista, thanks to DRM Boing Boing is reporting that due to DRM concerns that “The 32-bit-compatible version of Vista, the next version of Windows, won’t play back high-def video because they can’t get the DRM right.”

I’m not quite sure what to think about this. Personally I want a 64 bit machine on my next upgrade anyways and you will need a new machine, CableLabs certified machine, to play CableCARD HDTV with Vista anyways. I’d think an upgrade to 64 bit would be the natural path with an upgrade. At least for me. Of course I’m sure I’ll be getting boned again and having to repay for all my software to work on a 64 bit machine.

Update: Chris Lanier is saying this is bad information and that Vista will support HD playback on 32 bit machines. The Vista team also talks about this here.