Grr… Get Your Macrovision Hands Off My TiVo!

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Photo courtesy of Dave Zatz, Zatz Not Funny.

Zatz Not Funny… Blog Archive, TiVo, Macrovision, And The Stealth Broadcast Flag Dave Zatz is out with a post on more crap from TiVo/Macrovision. He’s got a screen shot up of a 24 Hours to Watch notice from TiVo which reads, “due to policy set by the copyright holder, this recording can only be watched within a 24 hour period.

A 24 hour timer will begin after you have watched the recording for a total of 5 minutes.”

Ironically enough, the show that has been infected by this macrocrap virus was made in the year that I was born, about 38 years ago. Some dumb movie called A Flea in Her Ear. This macrocrap technology is more like a flea up your ass if you ask me.

To make matters worse, TiVo then goes on to remind you in the program details section that this 38 year old movie “cannot be transfered to VCR, DVD, or any other media device,” and invites you to visit to “learn more.”

Click through to Dave’s story to see more screenshots and feel free to digg this here.

2 Replies to “Grr… Get Your Macrovision Hands Off My TiVo!”

  1. Phil, I’m not positive but I believe you cannot move Macrovision flagged content to another TiVo via MRV or to a computer via TiVoToGo. Supposedly these flags are only supposed to be attached to VOD/PPV or DVD material, so tagging a ~40 year old flick (that falls into neither category) is most likely a mistake on someone’s part.

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