GigaOm Interviews Fotolog Co-Founder Adam Seifer

GigaOM Blog Archive, Q&A; with Fotolog Co-Founder Adam Seifer: Katie Fehrenbacher, writing for GigaOm, is out with an interview with Fotolog Co-Founder Adam Siefer. Fotolog now has over four million users and have made a particular impact in Latin America.

I think it’s interesting that Fotolog limits their users to one photo a day. Something like that would drive me mad personally (I’ve got over 6,000 shots up on Flickr and over 3,000 shots up on Zooomr) but it’s an interesting twist. Maybe I’ll have to sign up for a Fotolog account and check it out.

More than anything though I think it’s interesting that Adam seems to see Fotolog as a social networking thing along the lines of MySpace as much as anything.

“Q. Are you kicking yourself now that a site like MySpace is so big, when you were too early to the market?

A. I think Fotolog can be just as big. Social networks havenít reached their potential yet. They are interesting not in themselves, but as an engine to fuel other types of behavior. People tend to like what their friends like. So product reviews, content sharing, are well suited to social networks. If you like me, and I like these photos, its a good chance that you will like these photos too.”