Woah, Zooomr Just Got a “Proitizer”

Woah, I’m not sure what to say about the response to our free Pro accounts for bloggers at Zooomr. We’ve been totally blown away by your response and all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. 594 comments in just a couple of days.

We got so many people posting their blog links to our Zooomr Blog that it’s been tough for Kris to keep up with manually upgrading everyone to Pro. So like any good developer yesterday he built a tool to help automate the process. If you are a blogger and want a free Zooomr Pro account, instead of leaving a comment on our Zooomr blog like before, just paste the url where you are blogging a Zooomr photo into our new Proitizer. Again all we ask is that you sign up for Zooomr and blog at least one photo (use the magnifying glass above the image to simply cut and paste the html code).

Also, yesterday I wrote a post about Zooomr Hits, a new blog started by Chris Stansbury which showcases great shots on Zooomr. Chris wrote a nice thank you post this morning as the traffic he’s been getting at Zooomr hits is up.

Here’s one thing for anyone who wants to incorporate Zooomr images into a blog, like Chris is doing, or other ways. Because Zooomr has trackbacks, as a blogger anytime you blog yours or someone else’s photos on your blog and someone views it, a direct link to your blog is placed underneath that photo. What this means, is that for someone like Chris who has built a blog highlighting Zooomr, over time there could potentially be thousands of direct links to his blog.

We don’t mind people leaving our site to go check out where their work is being blogged. We think this will provide both a more meaningful experience for the photo sharing user as well as more traffic to the bloggers who work with their images.

Trackbacks rock! At least we think they do.

8 Replies to “Woah, Zooomr Just Got a “Proitizer””

  1. Yes, trackbacks (and pro accounts – but what are the features?) do rock. Thanks to everyone at Zooomr for this – I still use Flickr, but I am eagerly watching to see what Zooomr will create (um, 2.0 soon you said?). Hey, its all about the darwinism, right?

  2. It looks like Zooomr has some great features, but the thing that REALLY annoys me is the signup process. What’s wrong with just using a regular username and password system? I don’t like the fact that I need to get redirected to a third party site to finish authenticating my ‘openid’. I also tried logging in with my Gmail account, but then I have to request a new password each time. Now I have two accounts on Zooomr – both of which have unidentifiable URL’s.

    Now compare that to Flickr, where I have a username and password and all of my photos are found under an easy-to-remember URL.

    I can’t see myself getting into Zooomr until this is sorted out.

  3. I agree with stuart, the login process is a little annoying. OpenID also logs you out after a certain amount of time, which I don’t like. Level9 R5 looks good, but I can’t figure out how to get one of those accounts. If BlueBridge is the company behind that as well, I think it would be a good idea to make that the official login and eliminate the rest.

    I think photo trackbacks are a great idea! I just wish that it would inform you when one of your photos gets a new trackback, just like new comments.

  4. I over reacted a bit, turns out you have to post a pict of one of your own photos for the automatic account up-grader to work.

  5. The prioritizer works great. I was amazed at how quickly I got bumped to Pro. Now I have to find some photos to really play around with it.

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