Rise of the Socially-Integrated Media Empire

GigaOM : ? Rise of the Socially-Integrated Media Empire: Robert Young, writing for GigaOm, has a piece out on the rise of the socially-integrated media empire. Appropriate of course with yesterday’s news that MySpace has now become the most visited domain on the internet.

From Young: “As social media continues its stunning incursion into the overall media landscape and usurps valuable mindshare, particularly from the younger demographic, the degree to which a traditional media company socially integrates into its audience is rapidly becoming the proxy for its ability to survive the future. But in order to survive via social integration, the players must first understand the real strategic implications of social media.”

A few weeks back I wrote a brief post called “Is No TV a Trend of the Future.” aTypical Joe posted originally on it. I think the social networking trend is only adding competition to an increasingly fragile mainstream media world.

Of course the smart media companies like Fox Interactive recognize this trend is happening and have positioned themselves to benefit from it. I believe that these types of communities will increasingly have value in the future. Smart, sticky communities that represent true value to their users and build full and interesting places to spend time are a big part of where media is headed.