More Free 2.5 GB Pro Accounts For Bloggers at Zooomr

Free Pro Account: Step 5

Disclaimer: I’m the Chief Evangelist for Zooomr. Yep, that means I work there.

Well a little while back we decided that we’d give free Zooomr Pro accounts to all bloggers. It was kind of a crazy idea but our thinking was that as we were building a lot of tools specific for bloggers (trackbacks, easy cut and paste html blogging code, etc.) that bloggers ought to be naturally good users for Zooomr.

Our thinking was that since we’re small and need to get the word out that this seemed like a pretty good way to do it. And thanks to you it has been going nuts. You bloggers have been signing up in droves and I’ll we can say is thank you, like 10 times over.

And we want to make sure that everyone knows that our offer still stands. Sign up for Zooomr today. Upload a photo. Blog it. And then simply enter your blog post url into our Proitizer and you will be upgraded to Pro. Kris wrote up a very easy step by step procedure on how to do this today at the Zooomr blog.

And before you say, so what, if something’s free it can’t be good. Check out what Pro account users get at Zooomr.

1. An advertising free photo sharing experience.

2. 2.5 gigabytes of bandwidth a month of uploading
(on average that will allow you to upload over 1,700 photos a month and is a higher bandwidth allocation than many of our competitors)

3. Unlimited downloading bandwidth (including the ability to host your images for blogging purposes).

4. Unlimited photo storage space.

5. No photo or file size limit, true actual backups. (feel free to host even your highest resolution orignal images as a true and perfect backup copy of your original, keep in mind though that extremely high res images will take much longer to upload due to their size).

You also of course get lots of kick ass features that other photo sharing sites don’t have like trackbacks and super slick geotagging. We just added SmartSets to the site with our 2.0 rollout as well as improved geotagging and other various design, speed and infrastructure enhancements. And we’ve got lots more great features to roll out for you in the weeks ahead. Thanks to those bloggers who have joined Zooomr and thanks for helping us spread the good word. So what are you waiting for? Come on over — it’s hot outside and we’ve got air conditioning in here. Click here to sign up now.

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  1. Hey Thomas, those pro account features sound great. How is a non-blogger average joe like myself supposed to get a Pro account?

    The upgrade link on the “Your Account” page did nothing yesterday and just now kicked me back to the home page. I’ve looked but can’t find any help section, customer support e-mail, or even a community message board. I love the idea of geo-tagging but the map integration is not compatible with IE 6.5 or 7.
    For the record I have tried zooomr with Firefox too. The maps work but the account upgrade link does not.

  2. Hey Shaun, maybe it’s time for you to start a blog. WordPress, SixApart, Blogger, all are places you can quickly and easily set one up. We’d love for Zooomr to be your first post. We are working on the integration with IE and will hopefully have some of those issues solved soon.

    We will have Pro accounts available for sale via the upgrade link shortly.

  3. hey thomas,

    i’ve signed up for Zooomr account and it’s really great! I’m looking forward to go for Pro account so I was trying to post my pics using Zooomr into my Blogger, but the pictures never appear in my posting.

    I’m kinda not sure which url i have to copy to the url box (either the one at url bar or any special zooomr url) or may be you can gimme some hints for blogger users like me.

    the url thing is kinda tricky so any help would be appreciated. cheers!

  4. Hi Thomas,
    Great Concept giving away a Pro Account, Thanks for that. Also, I am looking for batch upload tools other than the Zooomr website, anything exist yet? There has to be something…you have 1147 photos uploaded. Did you really do them 10 at a time?

  5. Thomas Hawk said…
    Hey Shaun, maybe it’s time for you to start a blog.

    Actually, I am working on setting up ModX CMS for my Dad’s boat site ( and a new site for my extended family with news, messages board, etc. but didn’t figure either of these would really be considered blogs.

    Anyway, thanks for the quick response. A few months back I joined up at Flickr partly due to your praises. I’m looking forward to the further improvements at Zooomr. The geo-tagging mashup concept is excellent. BTW, didn’t Microsoft try something like geo-tagging a year or so back?

  6. Hey guys, you post the url directly of the post containing the Zooomr photo and that should updgrade you. Let me know if you are still having trouble.

  7. We are working with a third party developer on a bulk uploader. Shoot me at email directly at tom(at) and I can try to make an introduction if you are interested in testing it and providing feedback to the developer.

  8. that’s gotta be the worst sign up interface i’ve ever seen in my life. the openurl thing is way confusing and then once sign up for Zoomr, it days nothing about being a Pro account.

  9. Hi Thomas,

    I managed to get it working, I think the issue was the way I was adding the image to the page. This time I added the static link in the normal manner but edited the link (when clicked) to point at my zooomr page, then applied and got the upgrade (it must be scanning for the url of the page rather than the url of the image.

  10. I have a question regarding images linked from Zooomr on my blog that doesn’t seem to be covered in the privacy policy.

    If I include an image on my blog, Zooomr can track when people visit my blog (and correlate that to other blogs that that person has visited).

    Is that data being retained, and if so, what is being done with it?

  11. Adam, if someone visits your blog and a trackback is registered, this is based on the anonymous referring url information. That is the entire extent of what that data is used for.

    No tracking of individual users is being done. No correlation between what blogs people visit is being done or data kept.

    In terms of what data is retained I’d have to talk to Kris about that as I’m not sure as to what other info our server logs might have. Irrespective, we are very mindful of protecting our users privacy and would never provide any public info regarding where individual users went.

    A blogged photo though is a public thing and we think that there is nothing wrong with letting users know that their photo has been visited by an anonymous individual through a blog link.

  12. I’m not saying that you’re not mindful of your users’ privacy, only that this information isn’t covered in your privacy policy. It isn’t standard information to be included in a privacy policy, and I see that as a big problem for this specific case, where you’re encouraging people to include images fed out of your server.

    Let me be more specific, then.

    1) Do your linked images set cookies or track cookies set by the server when someone hits them? (i.e.: do they recognize when they’re being viewed by a zooomr user?)

    2) Do you keep logs of the IP address of the user with the photos they’ve viewed and the referer information (the pages on which those photos were included)?

    For example, Flickr reserves the right to do both of these things, and that’s why I don’t include Flickr images on my blog anymore.

    If you’ll put in your policy that you’re not retaining this data, I’ll feel much better about it. (And I think that this is something that we should all increasingly care more about.)

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