Microsoft’s Matt Goyer on Vista Media Center

Matt Goyer, from Microsoft’s Media Center team, is out with a pretty good list of ways that Vista Media Center is going to be better than the current version of Media Center.

My favorites? “Support for 64bit machines, Faster perf for the music library (my emphasis and a big hot donkey coming for the day that I see this with my own eyes), OCUR/CableCARD support, and Microsoft DVD codec.”

Thanks for the update Matt and looking forward to seeing the fruits of you and your team’s hard work in the months ahead.

I’ve got a more recent build of Vista coming from Microsoft’s PR firm Waggener Edstrom and hope to have more out on the software myself in the next few weeks. Media Center software combined with the strategy of XBoxes as Media Center extenders in your home holds great promise to rule the digital home of the future.

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One Comment

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not without supporting more then Microsoft proprietary formats… that really caps its potential today and into the future IMO. Right now streaming any thing other then WMV (and nobody encodes with that in comparison to divx or h.264, quick time, or pretty much anything else) requires a series of pretty ugly kludges to make something total intuitive that should work out of the box barley hobble along…