Harris “Best of Brands” Poll Sucks

Sony on Top in Annual ‘Best Brands’ Harris Poll for Seventh Consecutive Year: Financial News – Yahoo! Finance Ok, so I caught this press release showing Sony as the “Best” Brand per Harris’ poll for the 7th consecutive year today over on Techmeme.

Some of the names just made me want to gag. Ford, HP, Kraft, yuck. Obviously Thomas Hawk is not middle America though so I thought that to complement the Harris Poll, I’d offer up the Thomas Hawk Interactive poll. It’s a very scientific poll of what one American Blogger thinks are the top ten brands in the world. Very, very, very scientific. With plenty of recounts to make sure we got it right.

I’m disqualifying Zooomr from the list as I’m totally biased right now and I’d be mocked when I put them at number one. So here goes. The Thomas Hawk Interactive Poll of the Top 10 Brands in the World.

1. Canon
2. Flickr
3. TiVo
4. Microsoft
5. Yahoo!
6. Netflix
7. Google
8. Apple
9. Digg
10. Wired

And for this meme I’m next tagging Mark Cuban to show us his top 10 brands. Here’s how it works Mark, it’s kind of like the wave, after you show us your ten favorite brands then you tag someone else and so on and so on. If it helps to make the process any easier Ice Rocket came in at number 11 for me.

20 Replies to “Harris “Best of Brands” Poll Sucks”

  1. Can you explain how Wired came into this list….?
    It’s just a mag full of ads…. and the articles are so hype, easy reading material for those easilly impressed…

  2. with all do respect, i think this is more your list of companies whose technologies you use & enjoy…

  3. Your list is crap.

    Most people watch nascar and eat kraft.

    SF is the most liberal city in the country, your perspective is fringe as well.

  4. Anonymous. Although I don’t watch Nascar, I used to eat Kraft a long time back. I used to eat the super creamy deluxe lite version of their Macaroni and Cheese. It was super good. But then they discontinued the lite version of it and you have to eat the regular and if I eat a whole box of that have you seen how much fat and calories are in it? I may as well just go to Henry Hunan’s and have four Diana’s Meat Pies to eat all by myself.

  5. Would be a good point about using Google every day if only it was out of choice. I use Firefox out of choice because it is the best, Google because the other options are worse.

  6. You people certainly have a very “American” based view the of “World” 😉

    I’d immediately strike Netflix and TiVo off that list mainly for this reason.

    My parents would not recognise the following (in addition to NetFlix and TiVo): Wired, Digg.

    Maybe your list should be, The top 10 technology brands in the world?

  7. I’m skeptical of the methodology of the Harris survey, which I think overrepresents ratings for more-common brands. For example, Sony and Dell, tops on the list, are not currently known for providing good service yet are very frequently owned brands.

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