Hanging Out With Om Malik

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Spent the afternoon hanging out with writer Om Malik catching up on where things are at in the world of technology. Om is one of the best technology writers out there today and recently made a decision to make a go at working for himself full time after successful stints at Forbes and Business 2.0 (where he will still write a column).

Om’s plans are a lot bigger than just another blogger trying to go pro however. We had a great talk about social networking, where things are going in the future and where the opportunity might lay. We talked about his new gig and my new gig and of course a lot about photography.

Once we got into the topic of photography we had to involve Niall Kennedy who just got back from Gnomedex where he took some photos of his own so Om called him (yes that slick thing in his hand is some kind of hot new cell phone — from Nokia I believe) and he came down and joined us as well.

So hereís Omís trademark shot of him and a hot cell phone and a cigarette doing the GigaOm thing. Good luck to you Om and Iíll be excited to watch your progress.

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  1. There’s two blogs that I really look forward reading everyday; yours and Om’s.

    It was your photos on Flickr that pushed me over the edge into buying a DSLR before a trip to San Francisco a month ago. I had the best time shooting 2200 photos in 10 days.

    Thanks for sharing your photos and your blog.

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