Hanging Out With Hacking Netflix’s Mike K

Hacking Netflix's Mike KHacking Netflix’s Mike KHosted on Zooomr

Ok, so I had a great afternoon of having a few beers with the very famous Hacking Netflix blogger Mike K and I’ve been remiss about getting this shot up.

For those of you who don’t know Mike, he is a terrific guy. He works in the stock photography business by day and does the Hacking Netflix stuff on the side. He’s frequently referred to as a prime example of a blogger who has built a very successful blog tied to a company product and of course his influence with all things Netflix is huge.

Mike has been one of the guys that I’ve linked to on Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection many, many times and is one of the most insightful guys on the future delivery of movies that you’ll ever meet. He of course knows Netflix and Blockbuster backwards and forwards and it was especially a thrill for Davis Freeberg (who writes about Netflix and Blockbuster for Thomashawk.com) to meet up with Mike as well.

Mike didn’t want me to take his photo but after I pressured him he gave in. Of course how could not. He’s a handsome devil that Mike K.

Mike also runs a Trader Joe’s blog as well. He was visiting San Francisco here on his way up to Gnomedex.