Amanda Congdon, Fired From Rocketboom?

So it looks like Amanda Congdon (who owns 49% vs. the all important 51% of Rocketboom) has been asked to leave the show by her partner. Not much details on it, but Amanda has a videoblog post of it on her Amanda Unboomed personal blog.

I have to say that this seems really odd. I have no idea why the split as Amanda didn’t provide this level of detail, but she had a great personality for a hugely succesful niche media venture. She was probably the most famous video blogger on the internet.

I always found Rocketboom entertaining. It will be interesting to see what they plan on doing without her annd it will be equally interesting to see what she ends up doing on her own. Best of luck to you Amanda! And we’ll be watching you wherever you end up at.