When I’m 64, Photographic Age Progression

zipped.org – Best of the web all in one place Diego and Susy have been photographing themselves and their children as they were born once a year since 1976. The result is a running collection of images that show in detail the progression of age over time. It really is quite fascinating to look at.

I’ve always been interested in trying to put together a collection of images of myself in sequential order that showed a similar pattern with every photo that I have of myself. A monumental task for someone living today but something that will probably get easier and easier with tools that use digital photographs that automatically capture date taken metadata going forward.

Along these same lines Yolise on Flickr pointed me to a site put out by InfoScotland.com that will let up upload a photo of your face today and then use age progression technology to email you a photo back of what you might look like when you are older.

Interesting stuff.

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    Interesting? Devastating!