Police Arrest College Students Over Chalk on the Sidewalk

At Wellesley, arrest over chalk writing leaves a mark – The Boston Globe: Apparently some Wellesley College students were arrested because of making peace signs in chalk in the town’s center.

Simply unbelievable. My kids use chalk to mark up our sidewalk all the time. The first rain and it’s gone or it’s simple to wash away when the sidewalks are cleaned anyways.

While I could see this reaction and arrest for spray paint or something like that, this seems like a harmless way for a few college girls to express themselves peacefully. Too bad Wellesley police have nothing better to do with their time that waste it on stuff like this.

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  1. I’m curious about the dofus that followed them and wrote their plate down.

    A big problem is that since cops have such a bad rap not many people want to go into enforcement and so those that do are less educated which usually means they are less willing to be subjective and look at each situation on a case-by-case basis.

    If they used spray paint that would be bad, if the slogans were hate filled that would also be bad but because they weren’t we subjectively decide they shouldn’t be punished. You could argue though that the cops did what was appropriate, which is not bring their own personal beliefs into their actions, blind justice.

    What if someone was writing Bible quotes on the sidewalk in chalk and the cops were religious and decided that it was an “OK” thing to write? Personally I’d be pissed because I’d really rather not read anything from the Bible. In that case I would follow the writers back to their place and report them.

    The more I think about this and remove all subjective opinion (“I like what they were doing so they shouldn’t be punished”) then the only place the cops failed is in their extremely poor ability to communicate, which again you can probably attribute to the uneducated policing our cities.

  2. Any of the lesbians from Wellesley that have time to be drawing chalk outlines of ’60’s era “peace signs” are most certainly not struggling students trying to change the world.

    They’re simply sketching out the modern symbol of today’s collegiate elite…a Mercedes hood ornament.

  3. Shawn u D-Bag. It doesn’t matter what they wrote, ITS NOT ALLOWED IN A PUBLIC PLACE INFRONT OF SOMEONES STORE!!! Can u understand that. How many times would you have to be told to clean it up D-Bag before u would get it.

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