Getting Feedback on Your Photography

Flickr: CRITIQUE [directory] ?? One of the things that is great about Flickr is that you receive almost instantaneous feedback on the images that you post. Although oftentimes this is simply a wow! or a nice work! or a beautiful! or your photo is simply marked fav, this feeback is valuable, inspiring and motivating.

But beyond the basic natural feedback that occurs at Flickr there are a number of groups that have been established to more formally deliver feedback and oftentimes even more honest and brutal critical feedback for your photography.

I personally belong to a group of this nature called Deleteme Uncensored. Although Deleteme Uncensored, or DMU as we lovingly refer to it as, can oft times be brutal, it is also nice to be given frank and honest criticism of your work. I certainly have learned form the criticism I’ve received in the past. DMU, however, is not the only group dedicated to photo criticism at Flickr. There are in fact a whole host of other groups dedicated to various forms of formal feedback.

So thank goodness that beebo wallace and Caitlin Burke have a bit of time on their hands. They have created yet another group on Flickr called CRITIQUE directory. This site tracks the various critique groups available via flickr and offers up a helpful and useful directory for those looking for more than the typical flickr experience. Nice work guys.