Dell’s Tap to Click, Like an Unwanted Houseguest Who Won’t Go Away

This is something that has been driving me nuts for a few months now and I’ve spent a bunch of time on Google trying to figure it out but can’t. For some annoying reason everytime my Dell laptop goes to sleep, when it awakes it automatically turns on “tap-to-click” on my touchpad. Even when I manually go into the mouse properties and disable “tap-to-click” it always comes back. It won’t leave me.

Does anyone have any idea why this is the case or how I can fix this? I hate “tap-to-click” I think it’s one of the worst features every invented to annoy me. If I want to click, I’ll click. I’m constantly registering clicks on my touchpad when I only want to use it to move my pointer around.

Appreciate any help if anyone knows how to permanently kill the horid feature “tap-to-click.”

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  1. Odd. Usually, that setting remains. I’ve had loads of Dells and that has never happened.

    I’d try two things…
    Reinstall with new drivers that you get from the Dell support/driver website.

    Or just uninstall that utility and uninstall the mouse. Reboot, and Windows will be able to natively use the touchpad, most likely. All of the fancy stuff, which I hate, won’t be available, including that dreaded tap-clicking.

  2. Tim O’Reilly did it. 😉

    Seriously… I also suggest looking for updated drivers on Dell’s site and then hope for the best.

  3. If it’s like my Dell laptop, it had a touchpad made by these guys:


    they have drivers and software for the touchpad that allow it to ignore taps when typing etc. maybe this will help.

  4. Just wanted to chime in that I bought an HP laptop back in March, and I’m having the EXACT. SAME. PROBLEM. And yeah, it drives me bonkers too. My touchpad is by Synaptics too, and I installed the most recent driver, but that didn’t seem to do ANYTHING. Bother.

  5. I was having the same trouble and found this page using google. I went to the Dell site and downloaded the newest driver for my Synaptics Touchpad and installed it. After a reboot, I put the machine into standby mode, and when I woke the machine up tap to click was disabled. So, the driver update worked for me. Give the driver update a try if you haven’t already.

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