Bob Schneider at The Independent

“i’ll tell you a little story that happened to me
you see me and robin were cruising down the street
in the batmobile with the lights turned low
a six pack on ice so we were ready to go
the batbox blastin out our old theme song and robin kept on passin me a serious bong
i took a couple of hits the next thing i know
this cop pulls me over to the side of the road
he said, “yo what’s yer name boy. god damn you look like a slob!”
i said, “i’m batman but you can call me bob.””

Bob Schneider, one of my favorite Austin based musicians, is headed to the Bay Area. Although I’ve never seen Bob live I’ve seen him perform on Austin City Limits and he’s got a great show and a great sound.

One of the things I like a lot about Bob is that he uses his website to share his music. If you go to his website he has his various albums up online there and you can listen to his music. I think that having this kind of a resource for musicians is a great way for them to share the music and get people interested in seeing them live as well as in later purchasing their music. In the music industry today where everybody is super paranoid about having their music out there it is refreshing to see Bob’s site make most all of his recordings available for streaming listening. I know that being able to check an album out prior to buying is a good thing and if the music is strong should do more to help sales than hurt them.

Anyway, I’ve received approval to photograph the show as well, so if you are a Bob Schneider fan you’ll want to check out my flickr set of the show that I’ll post after the concert.

The listing for the show is here.