Zooomr, “Flickr on Steroids”


TechCrunch ? Flickr has some catching up to do Influential Web 2.0 blogger Mike Arrington puts some pretty powerful words behind the latest entry into the photo sharing space, zooomr. According to Arrington, zooomr is essentially a “flickr on steroids,” and he writes, “flickr has some catching up to do.”

Zooomer has been built as a side project by Kristopher Tate, a 17 year old developer who has built the project in his spare time in the past three months.

“The real benefit of zooomr is the wide variety of metadata that can be associated with a photo. Any photo can have an audio annotation, although recording functionality is not yet built into zooomr and so you must do this from your camera or an audio program and upload it separately. Zooomr has a built in flash player to listen to the annotation. You can also associate any person with a photo (something you canít do on flickr, where you can only tag a photo with a personís name if you like).”

Arrington says that zooomr is price structured similar to flickr offering you a free account for up to 50mb per month of upload bandwidth or for $20 per year you can get a 2 GB per month account that he points out is similar to flickr “but $5 less.”

Certainly being almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world is going to attract a powerful group of imitators over time. I’ve looked at a lot of different photo sharing sites in the past and have yet to find one that rivals the richness of flickr’s features. I will have to check out zooomr though after such a ringing endorsement from the Web 2.0’s ambassador to the blogosphere.