Technorati’s New Top 100 by Favorites List

::HorsePigCow:: life uncommon: In the Technorati Top 100…kinda Tara Hunt blogs about making Technorati’s Top 100 list… no, not THAT Technorati Top 100 list, but a new one that they have that bases rank on how many people rank your blog as one of their favorites.

Much has been written about the Technorati 100 and the general concept of A vs. B. vs. C list bloggers. Some have suggested that the Technorati top 100 bloggers are a clubby lot who keep linking back and forth to each other in order to stay at the top. Others have described the list as a more dynamic list with plenty of newcomers and turnover.

One thing that you might say about the Technorati 100 though is that it favors those who have been at this blogging thing for a while. Because it is based on links, as your blog’s popularity builds, you store up more and more links over the past six months or so and your incumbency counts a bit. Hot new bloggers may have great voices but lack the links of the more veteran bloggers.

Technorati’s alternate Top 100 is one that is based on how many other people “favorite” your blog. Interestingly enough, after taking a read down this new Top 100 list I found it much more consistent with what I was interested in reading than the other list.

With this new list Technorati lets you select up to 50 blogs as your favorites. It was tough coming up with 50 favorites for me because there are so many great blogs and so many more than 50 that I read regularly. Still, 50 is the limit so if you want to check out my 50 favorite here they are.

I’m sure that I left some of my favorites off, and I’m going to kick myself when I get an email from someone that says what, I’m not a favorite, but these were 50 that I could think of quickly off the top of my head.

The new king of the hill by the way? Steve Rubel.

Update: Correction, Steve Rubel *was* king of the hill. The master himself Robert Scoble has just inched him out by a single vote. Don’t blame me, I added them both as favorites.

Speaking of other new top blog lists, there is also this new 43blogs wiki that anyone can edit that includes the 43 best blogs. Hey, Thomas Hawk is even on the list there (for now).