Riya’s Beta is Out

Just got an email this morning that Riya’s beta is live. Here’s the invite link if you want to sign up and try it out.

“Welcome to the Beta!

Whew! After many months of saying, “soon”, it’s finally here. And you’re one of the first to be invited! We know, it took a little longer than originally anticipated, but I think you’ll agree that Riya.com isn’t a simple web application that can just be whipped out in a fortnight.

Nope. We’re talking about some mega-breakthroughs in technology. Which brings us to the next point: we’ve still got a way to go. We aren’t perfect. Far from it. Munjal likes to tell people that the technology behind the face recognition at Riya.com is at the same level as his son, Deven, a two-year old. With your feedback and many hours of research and development, our goal is to bring the recognition up to superhuman…but that’s a little way off.”