Our.imgSeek… It’s Like, Digg, But for Pictures


our.imgSeek.net – Social photo bookmarking: browse, tag and share images

Update: Here are my images ranked by popularity since submitting them last night. Anyone can vote up or down and you don’t need to be logged in. I assume they are tracking ip addresses as you can only vote once it would appear.

Our.imgSeek is a cool new site that looks like it is going to try and become the Digg of the photo sharing world. Basically how it works is that you submit photos to the site and then people either rank your photo up or down. For those in the Flickr community that hate the idea of “popularity” at Flickr this is going to be like pouring gasoline on an already brightly burning fire.

For those that think that the crowd can in fact have wisdom, this site may be a very interesting place to discover images.

What’s really nice about the site is that if you’ve already got an account at Flickr there is no reuploading and retagging needed. The site is working with Flickr’s API and you can easily just redirect your Flickr stream there and people will begin seeing your images. But it is not a Flickr only toy. The site also will allow you to upload images from everywhere on the internet.

The site is brand spanking new so there are not a lot of images on it yet or votes but I suspect that this is going to change very quickly. Here is the current number one photo from hemmy.net.

I suppose the challenge of this toy most likely will be to see if it can maintain a fine art photography focus before very shortly turning into a porn free for all. If porn is incorporated into the site it would be nice to see it kept in a separate area.

If you have a Flickrstream and want broader exposure to your images you may want to check this new site out. If someone clicks on your image from the thumbnail it redirects them to your Flickrstream.

Of course it’s all ajaxy-like like everything else these days, relies heavily on tags and also has recommendation technology built into it that will supposedly fetch photos it thinks you will like. There is also a “karma” ranking thing that I haven’t figured out yet.

If you want more commentary on it check out this thread at Flickr Central and this thread at Digg.

Update: More from desideratum.