First Albany Analyst Richard Baldry, TiVo Uber Bull

Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection: TiVo Stock at $19 per Share? What’s Richard Baldry Smoking? Ok, with TiVo’s conference call out yesterday (yes I know I’m two days early on this one) it’s probably time to revist First Albany analyst Richard Baldry’s crystal ball on the stock. Some of you may remember that it was nearly one year to the day when I wrote the post, “TiVo Stock at $19 per Share? What’s Richard Baldry Smoking.” Back at that time Baldry, the ever TiVo bull, was forcasting a $19 per share 12 month price target on TiVo. TiVo’s stock price today? $6.03. In fairness to Baldry, that’s still a pretty good investment from where it was a year ago at $3.90, but nowhere near the $19 price target Baldry had on the stock back then.

Also in fairness to Baldry, who was back at Roth Capital then and is now working at First Albany Corp., he has subsequently lowered his lofty $19 price target on TiVo to a more reasonable $12 12 month price target at present. While of course earning 100% on your money isn’t quite as good as earning 430%, hey, who’s complaining.