Finding the Best Burrito in San Francisco is a site that uses votes to tally the best burritos in the San Francisco Bay Area, sliced and diced by a number of different categories: ingredients, consistency, crafstmanship, garnish, aftermath and general taste. Kind of like a Zagat’s guide… except only for burritos.

I don’t know about you but I love Mexican food and with the plethora of taquerias in the Bay Area this is a welcome tool.

I haven’t actually tried it out per se yet, but I would say that the present number one rated burrito in San Francisco is La Taqueria (which happens to be my own personal favorite Bay Area taqueria). The top rated burrito in the entire Bay area is La Tapatia, which I have yet to try but you can be damn sure will be trying the next time I’m in South San Francisco for lunch.

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  1. Hi Thomas,

    Just wanted to let you know that burritos are definitely NOT mexican food, burritos are an american invention, that uses ingredientes tipically found in mexican cuisine, but not linked at all with the truly delicious food from our neighbor to the south..

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