Zillow.com, Step Right Up Ladies and Gentlemen and Place Your Bets… It’s the California Housing Lottery

Hot Donkey, Hon, throw the kids in the Buick and lets sell the farm and move to Anaheim, we’re rich!

Hey, so anytime some new site tells me my house is worth more than $2 million well you know I just can’t help but pimp it. Rock on! I’m rich. Just kidding of course. We all know that the Bay Area housing market is headed for a terrific and terrible crash but it’s fun nonetheless checking out Zillow.com for those of us lucky few who happened to be born before 1970 and were lucky enough to win out on the Bay Area housing lottery before the second half of Generation X had a chance to step up to the betting window.

Anyways, so Zillow.com is pretty slick. It’s got the ajaxification religion thing going on and claims to give you a rough idea of what your home is worth. I have to admit that I was pretty skeptical at first being a part time residential real estate appraiser myself (just kidding of course, I think this wine is getting to me tonight), but after doing a number of searches I’m surprised at how accurate it actually seems.

And since we all would rather count our paper wealth than do any real work at the office this should be a welcome distraction for at least the 100 million of us Americans or so who happen to be lucky home owners. Since it hit the New York Times today don’t be surprised if tomorrow at the office your co-worker won’t talk to you because he’s spending his entire day checking out how much his neighbors are worth.

By the way, Zillow has an unconditional guarantee that if you can’t sell your home for what they say it’s worth they will buy it from you at their estimated price! Well, not really, but that would be cool.

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  1. If I was you I would’ve probably delete the last few digits of the price too. zillow.com has an advanced search with a price range.

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