World-Famous KROQ Now Live on the Web

Addicted to Digital Media – World-Famous KROQ Now Live on the Web Sean Alexander blogs that KROQ is now finally live on the internet.

I grew up listening to KROQ down in Los Angeles, The Poor Man, Richard Blade, Jed the Fish, Rodney on the Roq (where I first heard Black Flag and Social Distortion in high school). I still listen whenever I visit my parents back for Holidays but it’s not quite the same (can anything ever compare with our fondest high school memories?).

All those great punk gigs, Social Distortion at Fender’s Ballroom in Long Beach, Black Flag and the Ramones at the Palladium on Hollywood Boulevard, The Circle Jerks and Wasted Youth at some club on Sunset, X at the Whisky.

I once called into loveline when it was just starting and told the Poor Man that I didn’t think my parents understood me. He told me that I was lucky to have parents who cared and brushed me off with a hang up. Good advice.

Before KROQ moved to Burbank they were a small radio station in Pasadena. We used to drop by the station to pick up bumper stickers. We used to go to this little indoor/outdoor coffee house afterwards just off of Colorado that I’ve forgotten the name of where people would perform open mic and stuff.

Ah, a nice trip down memory lane.