Top 100 Digital Cameras on Flickr Top Cameras They may have been publishing this for a while, but I just noticed today that Flagrant Disregard is now publishing the top 100 cameras used by people on Flickr. They are basically just sampling the EXIF data on the photos that people upload to get a sense of camera usage. They also are ranking the manufacturers as well.

King of the hill? Right now it’s Canon. They hold both the top spot for manufacturer as well as the top model used on Flickr, the Canon EOS 20D. Other top cameras? The Nikon D70, the Canon EOS Digital Rebel, Sony’s Cybershot and the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT.

5 Replies to “Top 100 Digital Cameras on Flickr”

  1. i don’t see my trusty Epson Photo PC500 listed anywhere*



    i’d actually like to create a new camera based on that old model with a nice 3″ or 4″ LCD & 3 Megapixels* – in case in the unlikelyhood people ever needed to print an 8×10*

    way too much attention has gone into 6,8,10 or more MP* ridiculous*

    especially for the Net which is still 640×480*


  2. Great post, what would be really interesting is what is the same list but only looking at compact digital cameras. This would be really helpful when making my decisions as what cameras to add to our camera hire portfolio.

    Any got any ideas.

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  4. Let me start by saying nice post. Im not sure if it has been talked about, but when using Chrome I can never get the entire site to load without refreshing many times. Could just be my computer. Thanks.

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