Riya’s Amazing Face-Recognition Photo Search

PC World’s Techlog – Riya’s Amazing Face-Recognition Photo Search Riya is getting some good press today out of Demo, first from an article in PCWorld and then a slew of other bloggers. Check out this post at memeorandum to keep track.

I haven’t tried Riya yet but think that of all people it will be super helpful for me. Although I take a lot of art photos and put them up on Flickr I still have another 50,000 or so family photographs that are not part of my flickrstream.

I’ve done a pretty good job at naming my photos so far, but with photo tagging coming in Vista would hate to have to re-enter all that data in. If Riya could automatically tag my photos for Vista (and Flickr of course) this would be very cool and a big time saver.

When I had dinner with Tara Hunt a few weeks back she mentioned that the alpha that I’d previously been invited to was temporarily closed while they overhauled the system. I’m looking forward to testing it out myself when I get a chance.