My PersonalDNA Report

My Personal Dna Report

Fred Wilson blogs today about PersonalDNA, a new free online Myers-Briggs type personality analysis tool. I’ve seen a bunch of these online in the past and have found most of these types of tests to be a waste of time, but this one is actually pretty good. It uses an ajaxy like interface and allows for custom levels of gradiation to questions and your answers.

My test results came back that I was a genuine inventor personality type which I suppose is good. Fred is an animated leader. I imagine a positive spin is put on most personality types by the software but I thought in general their analysis was pretty spot on… at least in how I see myself.

The software also has a module to let other people assess you as well in order to see how you are seen by others.

Fred wonders, “Imagine if every linked in page had a personalDNA report on it, if every resume had one, if every blog had one? This could be very interesting if it goes viral.” Interesting idea. As self absorbed a bunch as we bloggers can be, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Davis Freeberg Update – It’s a neat little test, but I didn’t really find too many surprises with the results. Turns out I’m an indepedent leader. I did find it interesting to compare my numbers vs everyone else though. If you look at my confidence and fashion numbers, you can tell that I’m way to cocky considering what I’m wearing.

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  1. Intersting, apparently I’m a “Genuine Builder”

    No idea what I am in the Meyers-Briggs world, though one test I took a few years ahoud labeled me “Dominant/Aimiable”.

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