The Fine Line Between Art and Stock Photography

Philip-Lorca diCorcia
Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Head #13

Gothamist: Good News for Photobloggers: You Can Sell Your Shots Well the fine line between art and commerce is indeed just that but if you stay on the art side of the line you may be just fine selling your prints without model releases.

In what is being hailed as good news for street photographers a Manhattan judge has ruled that photographer Philip-Lorca diCorcia was within is rights to sell art photographs that he took with a concealed camera of an Orthodox gentleman. At least in New York City it would seem that artists are exempt from a requirement to get permission to use people’s likeness for money.

Personally I think this is good news. So many street photographers capture so many amazing scenes.

From Gothamist: “This seems to reaffirm the right of photographers to take and sell pictures of people without getting signed waivers, as long as the purpose of the pictures is making art.”

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