Echostar Needs to Get With the Program and Get With the Media Center Hook Up

Addicted to Digital Media – Of Jim Allchin, Vista, HD Digital Cable of MCE and more
So through CableLabs certified CableCARD Media Center machines you will be able to get HDTV premium cable content later this fall. And you will also be able, at some unannounced time in the future, be able to have a DirecTV installer come in and install an aftermarket upgrade to your Vista Media Center PC so that you can get premium HDTV content via DirecTV.

But what about Echostar? DISH has the strongest HDTV lineup of any TV provider (they recently acquired much of now defunct Voom’s HDTV content). Echostar would be stupid to be left out in the cold on this one. I know that with the 6.5 million and growing Media Center PCs out there today if I were a DISH customer and found that they wouldn’t support Vista I’d switch to either cable or DirecTV. I asked Sean Alexander in his comments on the above link about the status of Echostar talks with Microsoft and his cagey response to my question was that my question was a great one for Echostar. So Echostar, how about it? What do you say to offering us your platform via the new Vista Media Center come this Fall. All things being equal I know that DISH would be my choice over cable or DirecTV.