Dave Zatz Debunks Netflix Hack

Zatz Not Funny… Blog Archive — Netflix Queue Hack Debunked Well nothing like old human confirmation to test Netflix cheating strategies. Previously we reported on a post by Shawn Morton regarding how to get the backed up new releases out of Netflix before everyone else. Sean had reported that by removing all of the titles from his queue and then only putting in hot releases that he was able to get his hands on them — the idea being that they have to send you something, right?

Well, Dave Zatz in the name of science has put this strategy to the test and reports that it doesn’t quite work as well as Shawn suggested or we reported.

Of course, being the conspiracy theorists that we are, we should be quick to note that Dave tested the strategy out *after* it had already appeared on Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection and that little web site called Digg. And of course we know that *all* of the Netflix execs are regular readers of this site and thus could have easily changed their strategy after reading about this hack (just joking of course).

Anyways, keep up the good work Dave, and I guess it’s back to the end of the line for the rest of us.

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