CableCARD: a Primer

CableCARD: a primer : Page 1: Ars Technica has a good basic primer piece out on CableCARD technology. Worth reading when you’ve got some time.

Most notably they note (and add confirmation from ATI) what I previously reported on the issue that if you want a CableCARD enabled Vista PC, you are going to have to buy a brand new PC from an OEM when they are available later this year.

From their site: “[W]e’ve prepared this handy guide to CableCARD. Once you’re done reading it, you will know more about CableCARDs than anyone in the country, save the engineers who developed them.* You will learn what to tell your Uncle Wilbur when he asks if his new TV really needs to have a CableCARD slot, you’ll know what new hardware to buy if you want to use a CableCARD with Vista, and you’ll learn why your mother was right when she told you that patience is a virtue.”

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