Barron’s: Google Shares May Fall Another 50 Percent

ABC News: Google shares may fall another 50 pct-Barron’s Just don’t say you weren’t warned.

“Barron’s scenario for a fall in Google’s stock is based on speculating about what may happen if mounting competition or fraud by users of its Google’s ad-buying system led to a 20 percent shortfall in bullish analysts’ 2006 revenue estimates.”

Some of you may remember Barron’s May 8, 2000 cover story a few years back on Cisco that read “Wanna Buy a Bridge?”

Here’s a nice profile piece on Barron’s from back then.

If you are going to actually subscribe to a print publication on anything financial, I’d recommend Barron’s. Even if you just get a chance to grab it in an airport on the way to or from some place you’d do well to read a copy every now and again.

If you care about Google’s stock price at all I’d also stay on top of what Henry Blodget is reporting on and writing about them these days. Henry has rebuilt his image a bit after his own falling out in the old dot com glory days and is writing from an interesting perspective.

Of course, lest anyone take this for an unkind word about Google, please note it is not. Google is a fantastic company, they just may be an overvalued fantastic company.