Your Photobooth Shots Delivered to Flickr

Flickr photo booth | | CNET CNET’s is out with an article about an old fashioned four frame strip photobooth at Shine (1337 Mission St. here in San Francisco) that takes your four photos and then posts the four photo strip to Flickr.

I remember in high school I used to go into those photobooths and take photos with my high school girlfriend and the fourth one would always be of us kissing. Of course some people have done even crazier things in photo booths and now for the ultimate exhibitionists they now may have a new outlet.

“On a recent Wednesday, the booth, complete with red velvet curtain, was nearly as popular as the dance floor, with people cramming in to the confined space and waiting outside to use it.

Soon, the photo booth subjects won’t have to wait for an Internet connection to see the results. Within a week the bar plans to project photos from each night on a white screen on one of the bar’s walls in a random rotation, said Walsh, who founded the Castfire podcast advertising network.”

An interesting way to merge the nostalgia of yesterday with the technology of today.