Windows Media Player 11 to Provide FAST Search Through Millions of Tracks

Addicted to Digital Media – Why you will want Vista: Well we’ve heard several times now from the Microsoft Media Center folks that Vista will include significant improvements to the way that MCE (really WMP) handles large digital libraries.

Bill Gates’ demoed Vista at CES and used a PC with 10,000 songs which I did not think was all that impressive. 100,000 or 1,000,000 would have been impressive.

Previously Sean Alexander, of the Windows Digital Media Division (the Division at Microsoft that handles among other things Windows Media Player) had told me that Microsoft had tested WMP11 on a PC with 2 million tracks and that it performed. Now he adds the quip below on his blog in an entry on Why you will want Vista:

“FAST search through tens of thousands to millions of tracks in WMP11 (I can’t go back)”

Looking forward to that FAST search!

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