Will Cisco Buy TiVo?

Who’s on Cisco’s shopping list? | CNET News.com Lest you think that blogs are the only ones speculating on aquisition rumors these days, an article at CNET is speculating that Cisco *might* be targeting TiVo for a partnership.

“According to a source familiar with Cisco and TiVo, there’s a “potential for an interesting partnership” to emerge between the two companies. TiVo, the source said, has held discussions with many potential partners.

There’s no indication that Cisco is looking to buy TiVo, and details regarding a potential partnership are scanty. But Cisco’s recent acquisitions do suggest how serious the company is about becoming a major presence in the living room, and TiVo carries weight as a well-known consumer DVR brand. At the same time, Cisco could help TiVo regain the distribution clout it lost when satellite TV provider DirecTV said it was walking away from a longtime partnership with TiVo.

Representatives from both Cisco and TiVo said they would not comment on rumors.”

One Reply to “Will Cisco Buy TiVo?”

  1. It makes a certain kind of sense – TIVO needs strong network infrastructure to keep all that VOD going. Additionally, sooner or later TIVO *has* to let people share content from their boxes….

    …which is where amatuer porn will save the day. In a couple of years, your (ok, not yours…mine..) TIVO’s “bookmarks” will include Mrs. Cindy Fancysnatch, who will have her morning shower/show in full HD glory served from her own TIVO to yours. Or something very similar. Imagine the seediness of Yahoo webcams greatly flavored by clearer video/sound….oh, that’s just my dream.

    It seems we’re back to the Eden model – aka “Walled Garden”. Companies like Google are building their own hardware infrastructures (and companies like Tivo are getting cozy with infrastructure players, ala Cisco) and putting (proprietary) media offerings on top of it. Verticle, verticle verticle.

    From my (myopic) perspective, there are really two major plays on the table for these companies:

    1 – Bite the bullet and simply buy one of the major media conglomerates (i.e., Time Warner.) Why spend all that time licensing all that film/tv from Warner when you can just own it?

    2 – Open the network to amatuer producers (read: porn). In a couple short months, Google Video has replaced my casual surfing of eBaum’s World and its ilk, mainly because I can browse free of those annoying Flash ads.


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