Orb and The Media Center Show Party

Ian Dixon, CES 2006
Ian Dixon, The Windows Media Center Show

Had a great time last night at the Orb/Media Center Show party at the Hilton. Thanks to Ian Dixon and Orb for organizing a great get together. One thing about Media Center fanatics is that they are fanatics and having a bunch of them together in one place is always a lot of fun. Ian interviewed a bunch of people at the party with his gear and I’m sure you’ll be hearing them on future shows.

2006 will be the year for Media Center. All of the stars are alligning and between HDTV, extender technology, Vista, etc. The product will, by late 2006, be ready for significant adoption by the early adopter crowd into the Christmas Season. Then in 2007 it will be ready and be pushed out to the masses in much larger numbers than we’ve seen to date, as impressive as the to date numbers have been.

It’s great seeing the people working on things like Orb and other great technologies that will hopefully benefit as this Media Center expansion takes place. Orb is a great technology that enables you to have all your Media Center content any place at any time.

A bunch of people from the Media Center team were there including Matt Goyer and fellow Media Center blogger Aaron Stebner, who it was nice to finally meet. I also very much enjoyed finally meeting Ed Bott face to face. Ed is a terrific author, has a great Media Center blog and is looking at doing some very interesting things in publishing. I met many other great Media Center people there as well but I’m not so good with names so missed most. A great time though and thanks to Ian and Orb for putting it on.

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  1. Thomas,
    Great work so far on your CES coverage.

    Its interesting to know that you are as much of a media-center geek as I am. We do indeed have alot in common.
    I’ve been looking forward to HDTV on my media center for soooooo-long. As it is now, my media center is in my den and I use it mostly for music, but I would love to replace the crappy cable DVR I have in the livingroom.

    Good to know that 2006 might finally be the year I can DVR my HDTV.
    I’m still completeley disappointed that there is no way I will be able to practically save HDTV shows I’ve recorded to a more permanent storage (DVD). Even when Media center lets you back up DRM’ed material, you can only watch it on the same PC that recorded it. This is highly impractical as I probably wont even have the same PC anymore in a few years. So when the 2007 Academy Awards comes out, I’ll have no way of saving it to watch again in 10 years (not that I would do that in particular).

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