More to Laugh About, the RIAA is LOGGING Your IP Address

Techdirt:RIAA Using Scare Tactics On Grokster Site Tech Dirt is out with a story about the RIAA’s latest tactic now that they have taken over Grokster to warn users that their IP address is being “LOGGED” whenever they visit.

“Back in November, we noted that the RIAA had taken over the Grokster website as part of the settlement with the company and posted a note that was wrong and misleading (claiming the Supreme Court said something it hadn’t said). Now, apparently, they’ve gone even further, though in a somewhat hilarious manner. Visitors to the site are being shown their own IP address and told that it was “LOGGED” (in all capital letters) — as if there’s something illegal about visiting the website. Rather than worry people, this is mostly just causing people to laugh at the RIAA. Still for folks who want to quickly check what your IP is, you can now add to other favorites like IP Chicken, while getting the added satisfaction that you’re IP address has been LOGGED by the entertainment industry.”

As we all know visiting websites is illegal it’s nice to be warned in advance.