Just Got Into Vegas, Baby

Just got into Vegas and checked into the Mandalay Bay. Scoble’s tip to find a porter at the airport was invaluable and saved me at least a good one hour wait. I’m staying at the Mandalay Bay and plan on checking out the Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center and picking up my press pass badge holder there shortly. Oh, also, I ended up with a pretty good deal with my hotel set up. I got a great price and am looking out the window at the Strip and the Las Vegas Airport right now from the second to the top floor at Mandalay Bay. How did I score a great deal at the last minute on a hotel? Craigslist.

Seems some people will book the top rooms months in advance and then sell them for a mark up later. My deal was pretty good, much better than I’d have had to pay to stay at a much worse hotel had I tried to actual deal directly with one. I did of course call the Mandalay Bay to confirm the room confirmation number prior to actually sending any money on Pay Pal. I wouldn’t have wanted to be known as the sucker who almost got taken for a Canon EOS 5D from PriceRitePhoto AND the sucker who bought a room that didn’t really exist through Craigslist.

Don’t have any plans tonight yet. If anyone knows of anything worthwhile to do drop me a line. I might just spend the night shooting the strip at night as the photography will undoubtedly be fantastic. If anyone also has any must photograph sites in Vegas feel free to pass these along as well and I’ll try to get there to shoot them.

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