I Don’t Get Facebook

I just tried registering for the site and I don’t get it. It won’t let me register and tells me that I need a valid email address even when I’m giving it one. Thought I’d check it out due to all the buzz but it doesn’t seem to be working.


5 Replies to “I Don’t Get Facebook”

  1. You need to give it a “valid school” e-mail address. It needs to be from one of the schools that are on its registered list. It is a pretty good site if you can get in.

    – Gregg –

  2. It shows my high school, Village Christian, but requires me to put in a graduation date from 2005-2009. Can alumni not access their high school. I don’t think my HS gives out email addresses to my knowledge.

  3. Nope, it’s for current students only.. If you still have .edu address from college, you could probably register with that!

  4. Facebook is pretty much just for kids. All of the students here are on it and I have poked around out of curiosity…not really all that interesting and alot of beer bong pictures etc… if you want to do one of those just get on myspace.com 🙂

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