Howard Stern’s First Satellite Broadcast, Blow by Blow

Howard Stern’s first day at Sirius — what looks to be a $600 million gamble on their part. Also a bunch of additional coverage plus an interview with Stern Show’s Artie Lange at

So I have been a Stern fan over the years. Did I make the move to Sirius? Nope. Why not? Typically I only have about 5 minutes a day to listen to him in my car on my ride to BART. Sometimes if I’m out driving in the mornings or have to drive into the City I get more, but not on a regular enough basis.

Would I subscribe to Sirius if they included podcasts of the Stern show that I could download to my PC and AudioVox SMT5600 Smartphone. Yep.

I’m all for listening to Stern, but it would need to be on my schedule not his if he wants my money.

A Media Center plug in for Sirius Radio that let you PVR the show and then copy them to your Windows smart phone would also be pretty cool

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  1. When they first announced that Howard Stern was going to go to satellite, there was a news article that stated that Sirius Broadcasting had only sold some ridiculously low number of units and that Howard’s usual radio audience was 10 times that number. I don’t see this as a gamble on Sirius’ part. The execs at Sirius made a very wise decision in an attempt to get more units sold. The only one who made a gamble was Howard Stern, he’s the one with the reputation that can be lost. Sirius is probably rolling in the dough from new subscribers because of him. Not that it affects me, I’m not a fan of Howard Stern’s and frankly I’m happy he’s not on a regular radio station any more.

  2. I’m a Sirius subscriber and I’ve listened to portions of Stern’s new show. One thing that he mentioned is that he would like to start streaming his show from the Sirius web site and the web site (for Sirius subscibers only). This would allow you to listen to his show live when you’re at work and out of range from the satellite. Regarding the podcast angle, the high-end portable unit allows you to record something like 50 hours of audio and then listen to it at a later time. Only catch with that is the unit needs to be docked in order for it to record. So it’s not a true podcast but it does allow you to get the same timeshifting effect.

  3. streaming doesn’t do me any good as I want to listen to the content on the go not while sitting down at a PC. I want to listen to it on my commute, when I exercise, etc. Also for the portable unit, when I’m commuting is when he’s on and I’d want to be listening to the unit instead of docking it. The better solution is to simply offer DRM protected downloads of each days show that can be copied to any approved device by subscribers from a downloaded PC. If they did this, then I’d be subscriber.

  4. Thomas, the sat broadcast is airing three times each day, once live, then time delayed 3 hours on a seperate channel for the west coast, and again in the evenings for folks preferring to listen later in the day. The time shifting S50 device (mentioned by a prior poster) could record the evening feed for you, and then play anytime later for you to listen, provided you “re-dock” the device during one of the next day’s 3 airings.

    Not exactly what you are looking for, but perhaps passable…


  5. The issue of “working on streaming”
    is bullshit. If they can stream music
    on computers they can stream Stern.
    The equipment does not know the
    difference between a Rapper and Stern.
    They know that if they stream Stern,
    suscriber numbers will be shared
    and many people will listen free.

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