HDTV, Size Matters, or So I’m Told

Panasonic's World's Largest Plasma HDTV

Well it was interesting to take a look at some of the supersized Plasma TVs yesterday. We are increasingly becoming a culture of supersizers and whether it’s… well no longer McDonald’s I guess since that Supersize Me movie, but well you get the idea. I’m still a little confused on who actually wears the crown for the largest Plasma HDTV out there, but yesterday I had a chance to look at a new 103 inch Panasonic HDTV that is not yet available for purchase but was being touted as the largest Plasma TV in the world. My take, ehhh nice that it’s big and all but I’ve actually seen better picture quality — and I have no idea what the price will be on this puppy and am afraid to even ask. You never know though, the next time Bill Gates looks to upgrade the TV in his master bathroom he might want to check this one out.

Not to be outdone, Samsung was also touting their 102 inch Plasma as the world’s largest. Yep a full one inch smaller than the one that Panasonic claims is the world’s largest hence the confusion.