Guess What? Digital Photography is Booming!

Number of digital images captured by users to grow at 24% a year | IT Facts | Well from the thanks for telling me what I already know department, ZDNet is out with an article on a study from IDC that digital photography is a growing field. Just look at the big recent surge in uploads to the popular photo sharing service Flickr in the past few days and you can see this. In the past few days there has been so much uploading activity on Flickr that they’ve had to put a warning message up on the site telling people that their servers are “running hot.”

By the way Flickr founder Stewart Butterfield commented about the fact that Flickr’s servers are running hot right now over at Flickr Central and also suggested that folks might want to lay off the “recent activity” button for a bit. Of course telling Flickr addicts to lay off the “recent activity” button is like telling a bunch of pigeons that have been conditioned over and over and over again to push the button for a pellet of food to stop pressing the button.

From the article:

“Affluent PC users with the disposable income and interest in digital photography will continue to capture more and more images, resulting in an increase in the average number of images printed, IDC found out. The number of images captured, shared, and received will grow at a sustained average of 24% from 2004 to 2009, boosting the worldwide growth of total prints volume to an average of 14% over the same forecast period. Inexpensive flash memory cards will be the key driver for both the digital image creation and image printing forecasts, as well as a prevalence of imaging technologies in mobile phones, combined with a decline in print pricing.”