The Green Button to Get Performance Improvements and Boost

Earlier today I blogged about a new site called Remotely Cool. A new Green Button like Media Center Community site. After my blog post on this subject I received an email from Daniel Sterling, the proprieter of the Green Button Forum community site with the following note: “Within the next few weeks, The Green Button will be on Coummunity Server that will intensely improve performance and allow for broader compatibility with browsers, etc.”

This is great news. I’ve complained in the past about The Green Button’s slow response times, lack of Firefox support, impossible search, and spotty RSS support. I have been critical in the past of the Green Button because of these performance issues and have suggested that they contact Microsoft directly to try and get marketing dollars to try and improve their performance issues. In fact I’ve all but stopped using the site because of these performance issues over the past few months.

Certainly the site is popular and this is good but it’s good to know that better support is finally on the way. Still I think having Remotely Cool launch today and having two Media Center forums will be a good thing going forward. Media Center is only going to get bigger and bigger and the more places talking about it the better as far as I’m concerned.

4 Replies to “The Green Button to Get Performance Improvements and Boost”

  1. I’ve been talking to Daniel over the past few weeks about this (sorry, NDAs say I’m not allowed to actually break the news). I hope that everyone will fnd the new offerings much more helpful. =)

  2. Its funny that nothing gets done until a new site comes out that has the possibility to take over with better support and nicer features. Isn’t competition wonderful?

  3. Damn, the first day another Media Center forum site hits the web, TGB announces an update of their site is now only weeks away! Nah, these two events can’t possibly be related! 🙂

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