Fred Wilson on the Future Delivery of Media

Rich Media Realities | Union Square Ventures: Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures has an intersting post out today on the fantasy of all media free any where at any time vs. the pragmatism of how it will most likely need to work for content owners.

“We are witnessing a seismic shift in the distribution of rich media content right now. In the past five years, we have gone from no legitimate marketplace for rich media content to a world where almost all music is available online and where video is moving online very quickly. For the most part, it’s a paid download market. But that isn’t going to last in my opinion. Ad supported business models will take off in the not too distant future and will co-exist with paid downloads. Consumers are going to get the choice, not only of what media they want to consume, when they want to consume it, and where, but also how they are going to pay for it and what they can do with it.”