Yesterday I blogged about the idea of creating a Flickr photo book, well it seems someone is already kinda of there. Johanna left me a message on my original post pointing me to the The project was started in Jauary of 2004 and is scheduled to come out in April of this year. 1001 photos and 344 pages. It’s going to cost a very modest $23. I’m definitely looking forward to buying this one.

Check it out at Amazon if you want to put a pre-order in.

Her comment from my blog: “We started work in January 2004. Just gave the OK for the printers to start binding last week…

I’ve been making art, design & photography books for a living for 20 years now and I can honestly say this was the hardest (& also probably most rewarding) book I have ever worked on!

I guess if Flickr had been up & running back in 2003/2004 it could have been a Flickr book coming out next April.

Anyhow… Making the book is the ‘easy’ part the publicity, sales and distribution are the hardest thing about any publishing venture… There are thousands of great books published every year – all deserving shelf-space – but still they languish in publishers warehouses destined to be pulped if they don’t start selling the moment the hit the bookstores.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that won’t happen to my ‘baby’ & we’ll break even (or at least not lose too much money…)

Good luck! If you get it right (and can think of a good angle rather than just a collection of images) who just could be a success…”

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  1. I’ve seen the book. It’s amazing! I am very proud of my brother, Andrew Long, who worked extraordinarily hard on the project!

  2. Lots of photographers active on Flickr are in this one, including me, Lester Weiss (ojo blanco), Kay Hardy (yuzu) Gail Williams (fotogail) and many more. It’s been so long in the works.. Can’t wait to see how it came out.

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