Digg Makes the Wall Street Journal

WSJ.com – Digging Out the News: An interesting article on Digg from the Wall Street Journal.

“Digg also hopes to use some recent funding to expand its coverage. In October, the company received $2.8 million from Greylock Partners, Omidyar Network, Netscape founder Marc Andreessen and others. Besides buying servers and adding to its staff, Digg hopes to use the funding to broaden its appeal to a more mainstream crowd by adding new categories like business, sports and politics. Mr. Adelson said he hopes the expansion will boost the company’s revenue, which comes entirely from text advertisements. He said the site is profitable, but declined to disclose financial information.

Digg users, for their part, tend to be enthusiastic evangelists. ‘Before Digg, I was checking Slashdot multiple times a day,’ said Mike Rushton, a network administrator for a Web-hosting company in Burlington, Mass. Mr. Rushton said he now relies on Digg for most of his news, refreshing the site several times a day to make sure he doesn’t miss anything. He rarely reads mainstream news sites; he said he figures if a story is important enough, Digg will have it.”

Also stay tuned for more goodiness coming from Digg. Per Kevin in the comments on the WSJ story, “We’re very honored to be in the WSJ. Thanks to all of you for helping make digg what it is today. New features coming in the next day or two!”


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  1. After hearing about Digg so much here and in the WSJ, I tried it out today. While there were certainly many news articles of interest, the comments in many of the articles were completely moronic. The commentary at Slashdot, while often predictable, at least displays evidence of firing neurons.

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